6 Advantages of Marble Flooring

We all know the number one drawback to purchasing marble flooring and that’s the actual cost of the purchase! While marble flooring is admittedly pricey, it is worth quoting the well-known phrase that “you get what you pay for”. When purchasing a home, buyers will typically find the best house for their family that fits […]

Why You Should Use Limestone When Building A Home

Building a new home is an exciting time for any property owner. This is especially true if you work with an experienced home builder who is willing to collaborate about certain design aspects. It’s important that your new home stands out in the right way, and certain choices you make about your home design can […]

Lightweight Limestone Honeycomb Panels

Limestone has long been prized as a building material and its beautiful, understated nature can add an amazing touch to any construction project. Unfortunately though, like with most stones, limestone is both incredibly heavy and surprisingly fragile to work with. However, with Pacific Bedrock’s spectacular lightweight limestone honeycomb panels, you can combine the special look of natural […]

Pros and cons of wooden windows

Today, the world is gradually abandoning the idea of using polymer artificial materials in the decoration of houses. They are characterized by fragility, low resistance to external factors, fire hazard, and also pose a threat to the environment. Very doubtful characteristics of polymers have led to the fact that an increasing number of people are returning […]