Pros and cons of wooden windows

Today, the world is gradually abandoning the idea of using polymer artificial materials in the decoration of houses. They are characterized by fragility, low resistance to external factors, fire hazard, and also pose a threat to the environment.

Very doubtful characteristics of polymers have led to the fact that an increasing number of people are returning to natural materials, in particular, to wood. The tree in the twenty-first century again became the most sought-after building material. Entire cottage villages are built from it, external and internal finishing is carried out, and, of course, wooden windows are made.

Pros and cons of wooden windows

Modern windows made of wood have nothing to do with Soviet counterparts. The bulky structures subject to rotting and decay were replaced by elegant, high-quality and very durable wooden profiles.

Pluses of wooden windows
  • Perfect quality construction of wooden windows perfectly protects the room from the weather and noise. It is highly durable and allows the windows to last for decades.
  • Wood is a highly ecological natural building material. So, wooden windows will favorably differ from plastic counterparts in environmental cleanliness and safety.
  • Natural profiles guarantee excellent thermal insulation, protection against freezing at low temperatures. Their high tightness completely rejects the possibility of ingress of drafts or dust into the house.
  • Modern wood is resistant to sudden temperature changes and other vagaries of nature.
  • An important advantage of wooden windows is their resistance to condensation.
  • Wooden window structures provide excellent ventilation and good air exchange in the room.
  • The variety of wood species used in the manufacture of profiles causes a rich color gamut of finished products. Customers have the opportunity to choose the right shade and the right texture for any interior.
  • Wooden windows are a sign of good taste. They are incredibly aesthetic, look more cozy and elegant than plastic substitutes.
Cons of wooden windows

Each product has its own “weak point”, and wooden windows are no exception.

They are few, but still you need to mention them:

  • Windows, like other wooden products, cannot be cheap. The high cost of wood, high labor costs for its processing – these are the components of “bite” prices.
  • Wooden windows can eventually become water permeable and undergo minor deformation. Fortunately, modern processing methods reduce this probability to a minimum.
  • Wooden profiles need careful maintenance – tinting, impregnation with special protective compounds. These preventative measures will help maintain their excellent appearance and durability.

A prerequisite for durability – a bona fide manufacturer!

If you have finally decided on the material of wooden windows, studied all the advantages and disadvantages of such structures, we suggest choosing a manufacturer. From that, the profile will be how qualitatively made, its durability and durability will depend.

The company “Evrookna” boasts more than a decade of experience in the domestic market. During the existence of our company, we have produced more than one thousand square meters of wooden products, which still serve their owners and will serve for more than a decade.

Our pride are:

  • modern innovative equipment;
  • developed know-how in wood processing;
  • qualified professionals with extensive experience with wood.

We are ready to offer our customers window designs of any format, order a wooden window to any size. At the same time, we have all the necessary certificates for our windows and our low price with high quality will surely please you.