Honeycomb Veneer

One of the most versatile options in the realm of stonework, this stone veneer product is adhered to a space-grade, aluminum honeycomb backing that creates a nearly crack resistant product that is a fraction of the weight and cost of solid stone.

The Honeycomb panel behind the veneer acts like an I-beam system providing strength and stiffness far beyond solid stone. Yet, with less material involved, the product is also much lighter. The veneer and honeycomb backing are most often attached to building walls via aluminum clips — the ease of installation brings the cost way down.

With flex and resistance, Honeycomb stone can withstand 60 times more impact than a 3cm think piece of granite. It is also approximately 80% lighter than solid stone, which hugely impacts installation cost and structural requirements. With its strength, less weight and lower cost, Honeycomb Veneer is an excellent option compared to solid stone.

The veneer can be made out of a wide selection of stone, the most frequently used being: granite, marble, limestone, travertine and onyx.

General Information

Light weight and High Rigidity

Aluminium honeycomb panel weighs only 1/5 of aluminum panel and 1/10 of steel panel with the same rigidity level.  

Cost and Performance Effective

Due to lighter weight, use of honeycomb panels lowers construction costs and increase performance comparing to other materials.

Sound and Heat Insulation

Aluminium honeycomb panel provides high sound insulation.  Each honeycomb core is fully separated from each other which stops the air flow as well as the sound and heat waves.  

Fire and Moisture Proof

All composite materials are aluminium, non-combustible, which makes aluminium honeycomb panels fully fire retardant and moisture proof

Superb Flatness

As the tow face aluminium sheets are supported by the vertical honeycomb cell with precise same height, the panel is extremely flat in any part and keeps its perfectly flat condition with increased size.

Easy Installation

Aluminium honeycomb panels are easily and quickly installed on bracket system, which allows for better deadlines and easy replacement.

Aluminium Honeycomb Panels

Aluminium Honeycomb Panels are high strength external building material, which was only applied in the aviation industry in the past.  The surface layer of aluminium honeycomb is aluminium alloy sheet, with honeycomb structure made of aluminium in the middle. Panels have excellent rigidity and it is the best metallic wall materials available today for perfect look of modern facades.

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Stone Honeycomb Panels


Light weight, excellent smooth surface, high strength, sound proof, heat resistant, anti-impact, fire resistant, chemical corrosion resistant, anti-aging, easy installation, superior façade for high-rise buildings and interior wall decoration.

Material Composition:

1. Face material 3-6 mm natural stone veneer

2. Bottom aluminum sheet

3. Honeycomb structure: aluminum

4. Adhesives:  modified astronautic grade epoxy resin (sustaining temperatures from -40®C to 150®C)

5. Suspender: stainless steel

Sizes:  Due to size restrictions of stone slabs, the maximum size of stone honeycomb panels is 1500mm x 2500mm

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