Smart Solutions

Let us make your life easier. With our Smart Solutions, the operation of your home will run more smoothly, more efficiently, and be more convenient for you. From self-learning thermostats to automated lighting and more, the options are specifically designed to integrate into your life, attending to your unique needs.

Our Smart Solutions also include features that allow your home to be more energy-efficient and provide you with a better quality of life. From air recovery systems to radiant heating, our solutions bring smiles to our customers’ faces.

Our Solutions include:

Smart Thermostats

Stay comfortable and save money. Smart thermostats are known to reduce energy bills up to 25% and can be operated remotely.

Smart Lighting

Energy efficient and easy to use, smart lighting is an automated solution designed to make life more comfortable.

Security Systems

Protect your most valuable assets with this prevention solution. Your design could include: door alerts, video cameras, WiFi-operated and more.

Voice Assistants

Activate any number of solutions with your voice: from lighting and thermostats to entertainment and security systems.

Radiant Heating

Our radiant heating for floors provides a dust- and allergen-free way to heat your home. With hydronic radiant heating, the heat is created via water which uses less energy and provides a comfortable heat that doesn’t dry out the air.

Air Recovery Systems

Air quality in your home will vastly improve with the installation of an air recovery system. With effective heat exchange between warm stale air and fresh air from outside, these ventilation systems quite simply provide you with a better life.

ICF (Insulating Concrete Forms)

Creating an air-tight wall, ICFs provide incredible R-value as well as keeping out dust, dirt and allergens. Steel-reinforced concrete is structurally sound but also uses less material and provide energy efficiency unlike the majority of building materials.