We are thrilled to introduce a revolutionary new building material that will change the concept of integrity and energy-efficiency in the world of construction forever. Introducing Structafoam, a high-density, lightweight, insulated structural product that is designed to provide a supporting layer for a wide variety of veneers and facades.

The material is incombustible and impervious to moisture, chemicals, pests and vapour, making it virtually indestructible. Structafoam will give your building everything it needs to brave the elements — including time.

Comprised of high-density silica glass, Structafoam has exceptionally uniform structural integrity. Along with being physically stable, it has low heat conductivity, offering unprecedented insulating power to homes, structures, buildings and more.

While it is generally a sub-layer, Structafoam can be made in any colour —its adaptability is endless.


Structafoam is made by heating silica materials to a thermoplastic state, resulting in a product of low-density, but very high strength. It is a cellular structure — think of pumice stone as an example — meaning it is lightweight, has low heat-conductivity and has a consistent unity of form. By going through the heated manufacture process, the modified cellular silica become incombustible and create a material of exceptional structural integrity. Structafoam is created size-specific so it does not need to be cut, leading to smooth surfaces throughout.


Size: 0.1-1.2 metres in length or width; and 0.02-0.2 metres in thickness.
Density: 250 kg/m3 - 600 kg/m3
Heat conduction coefficient: 0.067 W/(m•K) up to 0.12 W/(m•K)
Compressive strength: 1.5 MPa up to 7.5 MPa
Colour: by request

The product differences from analogues

The proposed production has the following differences from the known foamed glass:

• Possibility of colored material manufacture (not just black, as foamed glass) and the material applying as a facing one

• Material accurately specified size directly in the furnace manufacture is possible that eliminates the sawing of finished products and leads for the smooth surface

• Increased strength of the material allows its using as self-supporting

• The resulted product manufacture of exactly sires and of relief and bulk share without additional machining, allows to release the shell, bas-reliefs and sculptures

The proposed technology differences of from analogues

• Various types of raw materials such as glass cullet (including off-grade) and natural silicate (diatomite, tripoli, flask, zeolites) are possible for using

• The metal forms absence during heat treatment significantly reduces the energy intensity and excludes the defect product

• Available and maintainable equipment is applied

• High cost and hard-to-reach components are absence in raw materials

• The relatively low cost of the products obtained in the range from 200 up to 320 $/m3 (it depends on raw materials type, manufacture productivity and type of products)

• The author’s experience in installation and starting the manufacture of similar materials in combination with one of the highest h-index among the experts in this field

Give your home the best: give it Structafoam.

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