KM Haus is a full-service home design and construction firm. Our skilled and experienced team has created site specific designs for custom homes for over 20 years in Canada and Europe. We specialize in outstanding facades utilizing cutting-edge styles and eco-friendly European materials. These high-quality products install quickly, slashing traditionally high labour costs.

Let us help you create a stunning home that meets your design and budgetary needs, without sacrificing quality.

The Process

Building a custom home demands an intimate, ongoing relationship with you, the client. During our design sessions we’ll discuss your vision in detail so we fully understand what you want in your home. We’ll talk about potential design styles, layouts, material options, and budget considerations.

Throughout the process you’ll deal with a single individual for optimal communication and project control. Ask questions, discuss the pros and cons, and weigh price against budget. Our expert will guide you through the process to help you create your dream design within your budget.

Healthier, Safer, More Efficient Building Options

Today’s homeowners want healthier and more efficient solutions for their homes. Fortunately, KM Haus offers solutions that blend seamlessly into your design and improve quality of life and energy consumption.

Smart Technology

Smart thermostats can reduce energy consumption by up to 25 percent. Their convenient remote access means you can monitor and adjust the temperature from anywhere. Smart lighting options also provide automation, improved energy efficiency, and greater ease within your home.

Ensuring the safety of your home is also paramount. Our security system options include Wi-Fi operated controls, video cameras, door and window alerts, and more. Rest easy knowing your valuable assets are safely protected.

Integrate any or all smart lighting, heating, entertainment, and security components through a voice assistant for the ultimate smart home. Tell your home what you need and let technology do the rest.

Air, Structural & Energy-Efficient Options

Many studies confirm indoor is often very unhealthy with pollutants twenty times higher than accepted guideline values. This is worrisome for everyone, but especially for those suffering from allergies. Luckily, you have better options than traditional forced air furnaces that capture and spread allergens and dust. You can drastically improve air quality and energy efficiency in your new home. In-floor radiant heating relies on heated water and draws much less energy. Heat radiates through the floors effortlessly instead of expending energy pumping hot air through the rooms. The system also maintains humidity, instead of drying out the air. Additionally, it does not rely on space-hogging vents that impact design and release allergens, dust, and debris into the air in your house.

An air recovery system can also drastically improve air quality. It continually draws fresh air from the outdoors and expels polluted indoor air. They’re an excellent option if clean air is a priority in your new build. Traditionally, homes are wood-framed and set on a foundation made of steel-reinforced concrete directly in the ground. The walls and concrete have little R-value, so insulation is a necessity. Conversely, insulating concrete forms combine the strength of concrete and the energy-efficiency of foam insulation. The foam sandwiches the steel-reinforced concrete and the concrete mass resists changes in temperature, lowering energy consumption. Insulating concrete forms also offer a continuous airtight barrier to keep out dust, debris, and allergens, dampen sound, and they’re less prone to shifting, flooding, and fire.

See Your Design in 3D

Once we have a firm grasp of what you envision as your perfect home, we’ll carefully recreate the details discussed during the design sessions.

We’ll prepare a 3D rendering so you can “see” your design in your choice of materials and colours. This is the ideal time to tweak your design, upgrade finishes, or change materials.

We want you to feel confident your new home will suit modern life, your design aesthetic, and your personal needs.

Partnering With The Best

At KM Haus, we believe quality materials are the key to fine design built homes.

Anything less diminishes the design, reduces the lifespan of the home, and negatively impacts functionality. We’ve partnered with numerous international partners to bring the most cost-effective, quality materials to your design. Direct contracts with our handpicked manufacturers ensures cost-effective solutions for home  fundamentals such as lighting, drapery, wallpaper, fireplaces, vanities and cabinets, moldings, and façades.

As a full-service home design firm we also offer interior design. However, you also have the option to use your own designer, if you wish. Once your designer chooses colours and styles and presents us with drawings, KM Haus provides a quote. After payment, materials are ordered and you’re one step closer to realizing your ideal home.