Honeycomb panels

The honeycomb panel is a revolutionary product that offers superior strength, crack-resistance, ease of installation, and amazing affordability. KM Haus offers two types of honeycomb panels: aluminum and stone. Each utilizes a large format that speeds installation. The available finishes are a welcome addition to any contemporary home or commercial building.

Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

Aluminium honeycomb panels rely on aviation-grade sheet aluminum for the faces with an aluminum honeycomb in the center. This creates excellent rigidity, but the panels weigh much less.

For instance, an aluminum honeycomb panel weighs 1/5th what a solid aluminum panel weighs, and 1/10th of what a solid steel panel weighs.

Aluminum honeycomb panels are an excellent choice for metallic modern facades on commercial or residential buildings.

Stone Honeycomb Panels

Between 3 and 6 mm of natural stone is adhered to an aviation-grade aluminum honeycomb panel face. The bottom panel and honeycomb structure are also aluminum.

This construction technique creates a rigid panel that resists cracking and minimizes weight. A honeycomb panels is approximately 80% lighter than solid stone, which hugely impacts installation cost and structural requirements.

Honeycomb stone is also much stronger than solid stone. It can withstand 60 times more impact than a 3cm think piece of granite and costs much less. It works well in commercial or residential designs.

Most frequently, granite, marble, limestone, travertine and onyx are used on the veneer. Designers have the same range of stone pattern, colour, and texture choices, but at a fraction of the cost.

Additional Benefits of Honeycomb Panels

Sound & Heat Insulation

Honeycomb veneer offers sound and heat insulation as each cell within the honeycomb is fully separated, stopping sound and heat wave transfer.

Fire Retardant & Moisture-Proof

Honeycomb aluminum panels are non-combustible, fire retardant, and moisture- proof and perfectly suited for outdoor applications and public buildings.

Precisely Manufactured

Each honeycomb panel is precisely manufactured. They lie perfectly flat and are of identical height. This allows builders to create a level finish quickly, regardless of façade size.

Stone Clip Bracket System

Aluminium honeycomb panels install quickly and easily using a stone clip bracket system. This slashes installation time and makes panel replacement a breeze.

The stone sits slightly away from the home, creating an insulated pocket of air. This helps retain heat and promotes air flow for moisture elimination. Mechanical fixings support the bottom of the panel and dead load and also restrain the top of the panels, increasing integrity.


KM Haus believes fine homes deserve fine workmanship and we stand behind our facades. Our facade projects include a 10-year warranty.